Monday, June 13, 2022

Aickman Posts: Offshoots of R.B. Russell's Biography of Aickman

R.B. Russell's excellent study, Robert Aickman: An Attempted Biography, was published in February. In coordination with the publication, Russell posted at the Tartarus Press website a good number of further ruminations about Aickman that didn't find a place in the biography itself. There are 19 in total. Here is a chronological list of all of them, with links to the posts. 

Some Thoughts on the Writing of Robert Aickman: An Attempted Biography   13 January 2022

Robert Aickman: A Curious Lack of Honours  18 January 2022 

Robert Aickman: Worton Court   21 January 2022

Robert Aickman’s Favourite Film: The Blue Light   27 January 2022 

Bernard Heldmann/Richard Marsh   31 January 2022

The Importance of the Inland Waterways of Britain   3 February 2022

Fathers & Sons: Robert Aickman and Edmund Gosse   10 February 2022

Robert Aickman: Second World War and Conscientious Objection   17 February 2022

Robert Aickman and Gabriele D’Annunzio   22 February 2022

William Arthur Aickman, Architect  1 March 2022

Ray Aickman   9 March 2022

The Beetle: The Film   15 March 2022 

Robert Aickman: 'Eve' at Baldslow Windmill   21 March 2022

Robert Aickman and Lord Alfred Douglas   28 March 2022

Robert Aickman and Picnic at Hanging Rock  7 April 2022

Robert Aickman and Meum Stewart   20 April 2022

Robert Aickman: The Six Best Ghost Stories   28 April 2022 

Robert Aickman and Winifred Wagner   6 May 2022

Robert Aickman at the Barbican   13 May 2022

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