Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Pale Illuminations

Sarob Press has just announced The Pale Illuminations, a book of four long stories by Peter Bell, Derek John, Reggie Oliver and Mark Valentine. It is due to be published by the end of September.

The stories comprise:

“Labyrinth” by Peter Bell ... set mostly in the 1960s this is a story of ancient well worship in the Peak District, and the cult of Proserpina in Roman Britain;

“Cropmarks” by Derek John ... an Irish setting for a modern tale of witchcraft, dark ceremonies, a centuries-old place of worship, strange discoveries and a malevolent curse;

“The Old Man of the Woods” by Reggie Oliver ... a new home in rural France, legends of the misty past, and a weird haunting story of the dark and deeply sinister woods.

“A Chess Game at Michaelmas” by Mark Valentine ... a tale set in south-west England, based on a genuine manorial custom in homage to an unknown king.



  1. Sounds a really mouthwatering collection! Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. This is an exciting announcement and I couldn't ask for a more stellar list of authors! I am so excited about this wondrous looking tome!