Monday, January 21, 2013

Thriller serials in the Weekly Times in the 1930s

Australian newspapers are a surprisingly useful source of serials and short stories by popular authors during the heyday of British thrillers and mysteries in the 1930s.  Following is a list of two part serials (presumably heavily abridged) that appeared in the Weekly Times in the later years of the 1930s.  The Weekly Times is a Victorian rural newspaper, now owned by News Limited (like most Australian newspapers), which first appeared in 1859 and for many years had a large fiction section. The information is drawn from advertisements for WT that appeared in the Hobart Mercury.

Max Dalman: The Hidden Light
Rex Dark: Murder in Berkeley Square
Mark Hansom: Beasts of Brahm, Master of Souls
J. Jefferson Farjeon: Dark Lady, Yellow Devil, The Confusing Friendship
John Kent: Give Me Liberty
Arthur Russell: The Treasure Hunt, The Tragedy of the Strolling Players
John C. Woodiwiss: Ebony Torso
Edgar Jepson: The Woman From Nowhere
Russell Stannard: The Amateur Queen
Mary Howard: Autocrat's Island
Ruby Doyle: Inheritance
C.T. Podmore: The Three Strange Men
Nellie M. Scanlan, Tides of Youth, Pencarrow
J.R. Wilmot: Night Tide
Eardley Beswick: The Lorry Lady
Rowan Glen: The Singer From the Hills
Otwell Binns: The Poisoned Pen
Alroy West: Messengers of Death
John Hunter: House of Whispers
G.H. Teed: The Shadow Crook
Bentley Ridge: Well of Gold
Pierre Quiroule: At Midnight
Guy Thorne: The Fanshawe Murder
Ranger Gull (ie Guy Thorne): Ravenscroft Horror
Carlton Dawe: Live Cartridge
Ben Bolt: Masked Danger
Edgar Roberts: Murder at High Noon
E. Charles Vivian: Man Alone
Louis Brittany: Hand of Vengeance
E. Phillip Oppenheim: Jeremiah and the Princess, Stolen Idols
Vincent Cornier: Sinister Inheritance

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