Friday, September 20, 2013

LE VISAGE VERT new issue no. 22

Another stellar volume of Le Visage Vert has appeared, and needs to be recommended.  This is issue no. 22, dated June 2013.  The lead items are a fascinating story "Mon Ami Hermann" by Lucien Prévost-Paradol (1829-1870), and an article by Norbert Gaulard on the double life of Prévost-Paradol.  "Mon Ami Hermann" was first published in 1858.  It concerns an amiable German university student whose soul, at night, inhabits the body of an Australian criminal named Parker.  When Parker is hanged, Hermann is also found dead.  The similarities with Stevenson's "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" are apparent, but whether Stevenson ever encountered the story is unknown.

Other contents include articles "Scotland Yard au pays d'Hoffmann" by François Ducos;  "Du côté des loups (1ère partie)" by Michel Meurger; stories "L'Argonaute et la sirène" by Camille Mauclair; "Le Château" by Romain Verger; "La Peur" by Rodolphe Töpffer (with illustrations by the author); and translations into French of "The Ghost-Extinguisher" (1905) by Gellett Burgess; "The Stolen Cigar-Case" (1900) by Bret Harte; and "An Irreducible Detective Story" (1916) by Stephen Leacock. 

To order, visit this website and scroll down to find the all available issues of Le Visage Vert.

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