Monday, November 18, 2013



“a funhouse looking-glass”
Brian J Showers on Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum

“an Edwardian Byron”
Mark Andresen on poet and anarchist John Barlas

“footprints leading away from the house”
Tim Foley on Elizabeth Gaskell’s “The Old Nurse’s Story”

“emotional and sexual vampirism”
Tara Isabella Burton on D’Aurevilly’s Les Diaboliques

‘it isn’t only the dead who can live again’
Murray Ewing on The Violet Apple by David Lindsay

“a lone figure swaddled in black”
Dan Corrick on Paul Leppin and macabre Prague

“the sound of candles being dashed to the ground”
Mike Barrett on William Croft Dickinson’s ghost stories

With Reggie Oliver on a biography of C S Lewis and stories by Quentin S Crisp; Doug Anderson on Lesley Keen Segal, S. Carleton, Logi Southby and Henry S. Whitehead’s camping stories; and John Howard on the Forster-Cavafy Letters, John Langan’s stories, the last novel by MacDonald Harris and more.

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