Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WORMWOOD 22 - M R James, Ballard, Gissing, A C Benson & more

Wormwood 22 is now available and should be with subscribers by next week. We’re pleased to present 92 pages of original discussion on the literature of the fantastic, supernatural and decadent, including:

Emily Foster on M R James and the Psalms of Solomon: a source for ‘Canon Alberic’s Scrapbook’?

Doug Anderson on Phyllis Paul’s “remarkably assured” first novel; and news of a lost faery romance

Reggie Oliver on J G Ballard – “a relentlessly unusual mind” – and more

Peter Bell on seven superb tales of a Pennsylvanian antiquarian: why so overlooked?

Adam Daly on George Gissing – ‘The life you are now leading is that of the damned’

Tim Foley on A C Benson – a dark imagination worth encountering. And was he the mysterious 'B'?

Philip Ellis on beauty and tragedy in Flecker's poetry

John Howard on William Rosencrans, Adam S. Cantwell, The Secret Knowledge and more

Mark Valentine

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