Thursday, May 15, 2014

Twisted Clay reprint

Very pleased to see that Johnny Mains' reprint of Frank Walford's classic novel Twisted Clay is now available for purchase from Amazon.  The lovely cover is based on the original 1934 Claude Kendall dust jacket and the blurbs on the back cover are drawn from contemporary newspaper reviews.

I'm hoping Walford will start to receive the attention he deserves, a sadly neglected writer.


  1. Being called "the logical successor to the best products of Tiffany Thayer" (see the last blurb on the rear cover) is hardly a compliment. Based on the plot blurbs this sounds like Thayer's Thirteen Women or a prototype of The Screaming Mimi.

  2. Nicole Moore in the Censor's Library (Twisted Clay was banned for years) describes it as a "high-octane mix of sex, crime and morbid sensationalism." What more can you ask for?