Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dr Freud's Cabaret - Charlotte Greig

"Dr Freud’s Cabaret is a set of songs, Studies in Hysteria, in the voices of Freud’s early patients. All of the songs are based on the actual texts of Freud’s case studies, often using exact the words and phrases that he’d noted down as he listened to his patients – tales of chimney sweeps, white wolves in walnut trees, crumpled giraffes, lost pince-nez, waltzing women, caged birds, burning houses, blackened breasts, and fountains of snow. He tried to make sense of what they told him – with mixed results – but he was revolutionary in that he actually listened carefully to what they said."

The songs were mostly written by Charlotte Greig, some co-written with Anthony Reynolds. They are performed with the help of a number of other musicians, playing piano, clarinet, melodeon, violin, viola and guitar accompaniment. Strange listening indeed, with echoes of interwar European cabaret culture, and a surreal poetry, conveyed with delicate respect. Available as a download or as an album, packaged with casebook, appointment card, postcard.

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