Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nugent Barker as Illustrator

Nugent Barker (1888-1955) is best remembered for his collection of twenty-one short stories, Written with My Left Hand (1951). This rare volume was reprinted by Tartarus Press in 2002, and for the introduction in the new edition I gathered together and wrote up what I had found on the elusive author. In 2014, Tartarus published a new edition of the book, and I was glad to be able to update my introduction with some new facts gathered in the intervening years. 

In 2002 I wished that we had  "some examples of Barker's black and white artwork"---at that time none were known. By 2014 I had found one article illustrated with three drawings by Barker. The article is "My Experiences in the 'Black Republic'" by Frank Rose. It appeared in the June 1919 issue of The Wide World Magazine. The article is on the West Indian republic of Haiti. Tartarus chose not to include any of the three drawings in the new reprint, so I post all three here so as to share with the fans of Nugent Barker's excellent fiction. 

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