Wednesday, February 13, 2013


A new website for the American master of ornate and ironic fantasy, James Branch Cabell, author of Jurgen and The Cream of the Jest has just been launched: The Silver Stallion. It is still in development but with a number of features already live. The website plans to offer:

- A revised, updated and illustrated bibliography of James Branch Cabell's works
- A revised and updated bibliography of works about James Branch Cabell
- A picture gallery
- Notes and essays on Cabell and related topics
- Reprints from the classic Cabell journals "Kalki" and "The Cabellian"
- Book reviews
- A discussion forum
- Collector's Corner
- Letters to the editor
- Links to Cabell-related sites on the internet
- and more...

The website is a collaborative effort, staffed entirely by volunteers, that welcomes comments and contributions from readers.

Once highly popular, and controversial, in the Nineteen Twenties and after, Cabell enjoyed a revival in the adult fantasy publishing of the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies, when some of his books were reprinted by Pan Ballantine. But he has perhaps been somewhat more in the shadows in recent times, and the website provides a very welcome new focus and forum for his work.