Tuesday, June 23, 2009

R. Murray Gilchrist

I am hoping that we may, in a future Wormwood, have a feature on R. Murray Gilchrist (1867-1917), author of the long sought-for volume of decadent weird tales, The Stone Dragon (1894), now available in various reprint forms under different titles. In the meantime, here's a picture of his family home, Cartledge Hall, and gravestone, in the village churchyard at Holmesfield (Derbyshire), a short distance away.


  1. I would like to see an article on Hans Heinz Ewers in Wormwood. Whose books are certainly fantastic, supernatural, and decadent. I think it is stupid that a classic like Alraune is out of print and even hard to find at Abebooks.com, which lists only a rare first edition at $425.00!

  2. Or better yet, Tartarus Press should publish Alraune or a collection of this writers short stories.

  3. Side Real Press just published very attractive edition of Ewers called _Nachtmahr_, with a fine overview of Ewers as the introduction. They plan further volumes by Ewers, including _Alraune_. Check out their website as www.siderealpress.co.uk . Also, Joe E. Bandel has been translating some Ewers stories for the first time, and has just published a trade paperback collection through www.lulu.com . It's called _Hanns Heinz Ewers Volume I_ and he's working on translations of further material, including a new (uncut) version of _Alraune_.