Thursday, October 25, 2012


Wormwood 19 has gone to print and is available to order from the Tartarus website at

Why didn't Bram Stoker write a sequel to Dracula?  Brian J Showers explores the question.

Name five great interwar fantasies. Henry Wessells' choices aren't the obvious ones.

Which writer with sales of over 50 million books has been disowned by his publisher? Roger Dobson on the colourful life and work of Dennis Wheatley.

Who was 'The Man in the Yellow Mask' ? Lucien Verval tells the story.

Mark Andresen discusses 'Women in the Gentleman's Club'; Jason Rolfe looks at Baron Corvo in 'The Weird of the Wanderer'; Reggie Oliver reviews a life of Alfred Jarry, a book on outsider writers, and more; Doug Anderson reveals a learned parrot called Clovis; Hall Caine's The Demon Lover; and more lost classics.

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