Friday, October 11, 2013

The Paperback Fanatic is a surprisingly long-lived labour-of-love of collector/cognoscente, Justin Marriott.  The magazine specialises in the 'mushroom jungle' of the British paperback industry in the '60s and '70s, though it does range further afield into American, German and Australian pulp paperbacks, with a particular focus on horror, fantasy, science fiction and crime.  It's a beautifully produced publication - full-colour, perfect-bound, the latest issue weighing in at a hefty 132 pages - with a nice mix of articles, interviews, cover galleries and letters by writers, editors, collectors and fans.  For those who discovered The Hill of Dreams through the 1960s Corgi reprint, or Hugh Lamb's anthologies in the Coronet editions, or Clark Ashton Smith in the extraordinary Panther reprints of the 1970s, Paperback Fanatic is a constant source of interest and delight.  Given its small press origins it's not mass produced or available in the usual places - subscription info is available here.

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