Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WORMWOOD 23 - Charles Williams, Dulcie Deamer, Phyllis Paul, Michael Dirda and more

Wormwood 23 is now available:

Reggie Oliver devotes his Under Review column to S.T. Joshi’s Unutterable Horror, A History of Supernatural Fiction, and considers the tale of terror as “a liberation of the mind”

John Howard discusses Charles Williams’s final two novels, Descent Into Hell and All Hallows’ Eve and his vision of “the ideal City” of the dead and the living

James Doig offers an overview of the life and writing of Dulcie Deamer, who found the ‘beauty and raw force of nature produced a spiritual awakening’

Doug Anderson reveals a possible unexpected dimension in the career of Phyllis Paul, investigates the mysterious Nineties fantasist Chas L’Epine, and looks at a previously unknown work, under a pen-name, by Leslie Barringer

Mike Barrett provides an overview of the novels and stories of Thomas Tessier, quietly producing impressive horror fiction for over thirty years

Henry Wessells shows why Pierre Benoit’s mystical adventure story of a lost world in the sands, Atlantida, should still call to us

Michael Dirda explores New York bookshops (in between such trivial activities as sleeping and eating) during what he aptly describes as a ‘bookman’s holiday’

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