Thursday, February 5, 2015


We reported earlier about a serious risk to the unique Arthur Machen Collection at Newport Library, which was faced with closure proposals. The local newspaper, the South Wales Argus, reported on 4 February that the Library and Museum and Art Gallery building "could be saved but services reduced as revised plans are drafted following consultation with the public."

The new proposal, to be considered by Newport council, would keep the building open, though opening hours and the range of services and events would be reduced to save money. If this proposal is accepted, it would mean that for the time being the Arthur Machen Collection would at least be safeguarded and continue to be preserved in Machen country.

The newspaper reports: "The council received a “significant” number of responses regarding the Arthur Machen Collection from places such as Yorkshire, London, Glasgow, Birmingham, France, Germany, Denmark, the USA and Australia." It is clear that the huge international support for the Collection has played a major part, along with local views, in helping the council to appreciate the importance of this heritage, and rethink their plans.

Although final decisions are still to be made, the position looks much more promising. Many thanks to Friends of Arthur Machen and Wormwood supporters across the world for adding your voices to this campaign and making a difference.

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