Saturday, April 25, 2015

WORMWOOD 24 - Aickman, John Buchan, Richard Marsh, and more

Wormwood 24 is now available for order. We're pleased to present the following:

Jason Wilcox explores the strange identities and psychological unease in Robert Aickman's 'The Trains'.

Adam Daly studies the powerful work of Wolfgang Borchert, a writer in the ruins of post-war Germany.

Emily Foster considers questions of memory and identity in the forgotten work of Richard Marsh.

Colin Insole evokes the potent allure of Jacques Yonnet's Paris Noir.

James Machin proposes John Buchan's supernatural fiction should be better appreciated, and looks especially at his novel of Greek paganism, The Dancing Floor.

Mike Barrett discusses the Jamesian ghost stories of Andrew Caldecott.

Henry Wessells sees a foresight of tragedy in Max Beerbohm's Oxford novel Zuleika Dobson.

Reggie Oliver, Doug Anderson and John Howard provide their regular columns reviewing old and new books.


  1. Each issue of Wormwood always has such a delightfully esoteric range of topics. "Zuleika Dobson" has been a personal favourite of mine since I first read it at college. Perhaps I am too easily fascinated, but this is the second time in a month that I have seen Beerbohm's brilliant satirical novel mentioned. The answer to a question during the recent finals of University Challenge was "Zuleika Dobson." An example of Beerbohm-synchronicity is something I felt I must share, if only because I don't think I know anyone in my general circle of acquaintances who would know what I was talking about, let alone why I felt it unusual. I was impressed that a young college student would know of the novel, but it WAS the team of Magdalen College, Oxford, so perhaps not as obscure a literary reference as would be typical. Thank you very much indeed for providing an outlet for the observations of a socially awkward, Edwardian fiction obsessive.

  2. I've very much enjoyed reading Wormwood and look forward to #24. Regrettably, the link provided above does not work.

    1. Tartarus recently revamped their website, so the links changed. It should be fixed now.

  3. Bit baffled why I just got Wormwoodiana email about this April posting on the contents of the last issue of Wormwood now, August, months after the fact? Glitch?

  4. I have all 24 issues of WORMWOOD and I'm looking forward to number 25. Maybe you will do a special double issue, 25th anniversary number? I can always dream...