Monday, February 1, 2016

New and Revised Entries at Lesser-Known Writers

Just a quick note to say that (after an unplanned too-lengthy hiatus) I've revived my Lesser-Known Writers blog, adding new entries (with more scheduled), and revising some old ones.

Of the revisions, I'm pleased to have added some new information and a photograph to the Maximilian J. Rudwin entry, and now to have a new entry on the previously elusive David T. Lindsay.

New entries include (among others):

L.A. Lewis (with a photograph!)

H.B. Gregory

Gertrude Dunn

Tom Ingram  (with mention of Aickman)

I've also started a new blog called A Shiver in the Archives, which has revealing posts on Dunsany, Kenneth Morris, Lovecraft, Eleanor M. Ingram (with a photograph), and others.  Have a browse.


  1. I'm so very pleased to see the blog's return. It was very much missed.

  2. "New and Revsied Entries at Lesser-Known Writers"
    Is this a case of new and revised spelling?