Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Pagan Triptych (Sarob Press) brings together three new long stories by Ron Weighell, John Howard and Mark Valentine, inspired by the supernatural fiction of Algernon Blackwood.

The authors explore, respectively, the Blackwoodian themes of ritual magic, nature worship and reincarnation. Each contributor also provides an afterword about their admiration for Blackwood's fiction.

Ron Weighell's "The Letter Killeth" is a tale of ancient secrets, a book of shadows and dark magic; John Howard's 'In the Clearing' tells of the mystery of trees, new beginnings and the truth of things; and Mark Valentine's 'The Fig Garden' is an account of a childhood game, strange rituals and pagan worship.

Pagan Triptych is a Hand Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover, with a tipped-in signature page on fine ivory parchment paper signed by all three authors.

Copies of the book have arrived from the printer and are shipping now. Already, pre-orders mean that there are very few copies left of the print run of just over 300.

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  1. Looks excellent! A Blackwood-inspired tribute book is long overdue.