Thursday, July 14, 2016

John Loder's Bibliographies

John Loder, a Melbourne book collector and retired Principal Research Scientist at the CSIRO, deserves acknowledgement for his pioneering bibliographies.  He is best known for Australian Crime Fiction: A Bibliography 1857-1993, which was published in 1994.  Since 2005 he has been producing limited edition bibliographies of colonial editions and interesting publishers.

These include: PG. Wodehouse's Colonial Editions: Some First British Editions in their Colonial Issue Formats (2005):

PG. Wodehouse's Colonial Editions Continued With His Australian Sheet Music (2014):

Ward, Lock's Sixpenny Copyright Novels in Litho Wrappers (2012):

Here's a scan of a page of cover photographs, which doesn't really do the booklet justice:

Ward, Lock's 2/- Copyright Novels in Litho Boards & Cloth Spines Gilt (2013):

 Another scan showing covers, including a nice cricket scene:

Bowden's Colonial Library (2016):

White Circles in Australia (2011):

Hot off the press is Webster Publications: Jason, Kane and Riot Pulps (2016):

Forthcoming is a bibliography of Currawong, the rare 1940s and 50s Australian pulp publisher.

While the Wodehouse and Invincible bibliographies are out of print, the others can be obtained from City Basement Books in Melbourne.

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