Friday, August 12, 2016

LE VISAGE VERT issue no. 27

Recently published is the new issue, no. 27, of Le Visage Vert.  Highlights include two stories by Thomas Burke translated from English into French ("The Hollow Man" from Collier's, 14 October 1933; and "The Hands of Mrs. Ottermole" from The Story-Teller, February 1929; both collected in The Best Short Stories of Thomas Burke, edited by John Gawsworth in 1950, and The Golden Gong and Other Night-Pieces and Unpleasantries, edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson in 2001). A third installment of Michel Meurger's historical study of werewolves is accompanied by three examples, including Marie de France's "Bisclavret", an extract from Élie Berthet's "Le Bête du Gévaudan" and Paul Lacroix's "Le Loup-Garou" (1834)--which proves remarkably to have been the original source of Sutherland Menzies's "Hugues, the Wer-Wolf: A Kentish Legend of the Middle Ages" (1838), with the setting altered to Kent.

French grand-guignol writer Maurice Level is represented with four short tales, and an article about him by Jean-Luc Buard. There is also one story by the French symbolist poet Saint-Pol-Roux, as well as an article about him by Mikaël Lugan. And contemporary American writer Livia Llewellyn is represented with a French translation of her story "Furnace" from The Grimscribe's Puppets (2013), edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr. The volumes closes with the usual (and very informative) section of Bio-Bibliographies. 

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  1. I love Maurice Level. I thoroughly recommend the Centipede Press collection of a few years ago, Tales of the Grand Guignol.