Saturday, October 21, 2017

An American Bookman in England

R B Russell and Rosalie Parker of Tartarus Press have produced An American Bookman in England, a short film of eminent author, book collector, and Washington Post reviewer Michael Dirda talking about books on a recent visit to England, where he was introduced to second-hand bookshops in York and Carlisle.

With his characteristic lightly-held learning, gentle wit and deep interest in the byways of literature, Michael discusses why he might need more than one copy of certain books (“there’s something about English editions”), the byways of Sherlockiana, the delights of Ronald Firbank, the best humorous books in the language, and much else besides.

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  1. Many thanks, again, to Ray, Rosalie, and Mark for making this little film. It was certainly a treat for me to be taken to such interesting bookshops in York and Carlisle--and at the end of the day to enjoy the company of bookish friends over drinks and meals. --md