Monday, May 4, 2020

Collecting Robert Aickman, by R.B. Russell

Here's another in Ray Russell's video series about collecting, this time about Robert Aickman.


  1. Congratulations, Ray, on still another highly enjoyable video. The section about "Tales of Love and Death" and its introducer was, of course, the high point. (Insert smiley face emoticon). Will Sylvia Townsend Warner be next?--md

  2. I found a second impression of Dark Entries for 50p in a Chiswick junk shop many years ago - if I'd known it was so rare maybe I'd have hung on to it in that period when I was so broke I sold most of my books!

  3. Thanks for this excellent video on collecting Robert Aickman. I recall that when the big two volume collected stories came out I was able to read the tiny print but several years later when I tried to reread the edition my eyesight was not up to the task. I fortunately was able to buy the 8 volume Tartarus Press reprint editions with the larger print.

    I recommend that Reggie Oliver soon be a future subject of this fine collecting series of videos.

    1. I must dig out my second edition of the two-volume Tartarus/Durtro Aickman set to see if I can still read it!
      Yes to Reggie Oliver! I think I have just about every first edition of his works, though not all the individual appearances in anthologies or reprints, but I'd love to see a video on collecting his books. His illustrated edition of Susan Hill's The Woman in Black (Centipede Press) is beautiful too.

    2. I think Ray needs to slow down on these videos because I’m going to spend a fortune on trying to collect all the editions that caught my eye. I think a Reggie Oliver video would be excellent but might push me over the edge financially!