Thursday, June 10, 2021

Wormwood 36, Oliver Onions, and Aickman news

Announcing a new issue of Wormwood . . .

Wormwood 36 is now available:

Douglas A Anderson on The Strange Genius of David Lindsay and the early development of Lindsay studies

Laura Helyer on Robert Aickman’s idea that the ghost story is akin to poetry

Mat Joiner on M John Harrison’s modern metaphysical thriller The Course of the Heart

Iain Smith on Arthur Machen’s Ornaments in Jade and the prose poem form

Lisa Tuttle on the mystery of Regina Miriam Bloch

The Wormwood Interview: David Tibet discusses books important to him

Reggie Oliver on ghost stories, sex magic and the end of the world

John Howard on Czech erotic literature, the British Weird and Unstable Realities

New Oliver Onions edition

At the same time, Tartarus Press have announced a new edition of The Ghost Stories of Oliver Onions, introduced by Rosalie Parker, in two volumes in a slipcase, with an additional folk-horror novella, 'Gambier'.

And some Robert Aickman news 

Tartarus Press have also announced:

It has been something of an "open secret", but for the last two years Ray has been researching and writing a full biography of Robert Aickman (with the blessing of Aickman's Literary Estate and Agents). It is essentially finished, and we now need to explore the best way of seeing it published. In the meantime, if there is anyone out there who knew or met Aickman, and we have not interviewed - please let us know! Admirers of his work will be interested to hear that various mysteries have been solved, but others remain . . . Ray would like to thank Rosalie Parker for all of her help, encouragement, advice, and the long discussions . . .


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  1. Though I have a copy of the original edition of Oliver Onions Ghost Stories published by Tartarus Press, I had to also order this special two volume edition with the additional novella. I also had to order Wormwood 36, one of the great magazines about fantastic literature.

    I'm looking forward to the biography of Aickman.