Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Centenary of The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay

After David Lindsay's first novel, A Voyage to Arcturus, was published in 1920, his next novel was serialized in The Daily News newspaper of London from the 30th of August 1921, through the 23rd of September.  Thus today marks the centenary of the completed serialized publication of The Haunted Woman

An extensive analysis of "The Haunted Woman in The Daily News" appears at The Violet  (Direct link here.)  

A brief announcement of the serial, together with a photograph of Lindsay and his baby daughter, appeared in the newspaper on 29th August. 

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  1. Many thanks, Doug, for reminding me of this anniversary. I was planning to write about "A Voyage to Arcturus" for my column two Thursday from now, but may read--and use the centenary of--"The Haunted Woman" as a further hook.