Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A New Magazine "History, Index and Bibliography" and a New Issue of Biblio-Curiosa

I've written previously about Chris Harte's series of magazine histories, first of The Captain here, and more recently of The Badminton Magazine (and the fascinating associational anthology of Strange Stories of Sport) here. Just published is a new one in the series:  Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches: 1884-1912: A History, Index and Bibliography (2022). 

Fores's Sporting Notes & Sketches is a journal new to me.  It ran for 116 issues from April 1884 through December 1912. 

This history includes the usual item listing for each issue, as well as sample illustrations and a large number of author photos.  Plus an index of names (including authors, illustrators, etc.).  Familiar names who contributed include Edwin Arnold, Frank Aubrey (also known as Fenton Ash, and Francis Henry Atkins), Frederick Furnivall (an original editor of what has become known as the Oxford English Dictionary),  Coulson Kernahan (an early enthusiast and friend of William Hope Hodgson), and Arthur Quiller-Couch, among many others.

And a new issue of Chris Mikul's zine Biblio-Curiosa has just come out, and though it has only five articles in this issue, all five are unusually interesting. First is a discussion of The Master of the Macabre (1946) by Russell Thorndike.  This is followed by a discussion of an extremely curious book Doctor Transit (1925), by I.S. [Isidor Schneider], which concerns a married couple, each of whom goes through a transformation into the opposite sex.  The third essay is the longest in this issue, and covers the career of Edgar Mittleholzer (1909-1965), remembered for his M.R. Jamesian novel, My Bones and My Flute (1955). Mittleholzer died of self-immolation, dousing himself with petrol before striking a match. 

The final two essays cover two lesser-known books and writers, The Death of the Fuhrer (1972) by Roland Puccetto and Gwenllean (1823) by Mary G. Lewis. This issue is highly recommended.

As usual, inquiries/orders to the author/publisher: chris<dot>mikul88<at>gmail<dot>com.


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