Monday, May 9, 2022

The Last Wormwood

Wormwood 38 has just been announced. It includes:

The Wormwood Interview - Rosemary Pardoe, Jamesian scholar and founding editor of Ghosts & Scholars, responds to seven questions about the books in her life

J W Brodie-Innes – Peter Bell discusses the leading figure in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and author of novels on witchcraft and Scottish folklore 

Forrest Reid and Jocelyn Brooke – John Howard explores the landscape of childhood in these two lyrical writers

Charles Dickens and the ghost story – Thomas Kent Miller on Dickens’ role in creating a strong demand for festive and wintry ghostly yarns

The Seeds – Iain Smith discusses the music of the Sixties psychedelic band who made vivid use of Gothic and fantastical imagery

Laidlaw Books – Douglas A Anderson presents his original research into the publisher of Donald Armour, as well as books by Ezra Pound and Wyndham Lewis

Marcel Proust – Henry Wessells reminds us that the author had affinities with the Decadent movement, particularly in his persona as the contemplative dandy

Reggie Oliver reviews a new translation of work by a late 19th century French occultist; R B Russell’s biography of Robert Aickman; an illustrated history of the Gothic; and a novel with an M R James-inspired title

John Howard reviews five books from independent presses, illustrating the willingness of smaller publishers to take on stranger work

This is the last Wormwood, and we’d like to thank all our contributors and readers for their support over the years.

(NB: Wormwoodiana is not affected)  

(Mark Valentine)



  1. Very disappointed to see another great physical publication bite the dust.

  2. I just ordered a copy. I hope you address the decision to end the publication at some greater length; I shall see what is said about it in the final issue. Unless you're planning some new endeavor, this would appear to be a serious loss for bibliophiles.

  3. Sad to see it go, but it's been a good ride!

  4. Reading the advance note for this issue, I thought “It can’t possibly be THAT Seeds?” Delighted to see that it is! Huge fan. Sorry to see Wormwood winding up, thanks to everyone who made it what it has been, and I know you’ll all go on to further adventures on the wilder shores of literature.

  5. Very sorry to see Wormwood go. It has for many years been my absolute favourite literary magazine.

  6. After a few healthy offline days, reading this feels a bit like returning to a funeral. I'm glad I got to contribute two essays and be in such esteemed company. Thank you, Mark Valentine, for your kindness, encouragement and assistance. Goodbye Wormwood, it was great knowing you.