Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Grotesqueries - A Tribute to the Tales of L A Lewis now published

Zagava have now announced publication of Grotesqueries – A Tribute to the Tales of L A Lewis.

This anthology includes new stories from Reggie Oliver, Mark Samuels, Rosalie Parker, Rebecca Lloyd, John Howard, Jane Jakeman, Ron Weighell, D P Watt, R B Russell, Charles Schneider Jonathan Wood, Caroline Tyrrell, Colin Insole, and Mark Valentine, and the lyrics to ‘Lucifer Over London’ by David Tibet, with original artwork by Eli John.

The work responds to Lewis’ single remarkable volume, Tales of the Grotesque (1934), with its themes of other dimensions, cosmic entities and malevolent powers.

The hardback edition is limited to 178 numbered copies, and there is also a paperback edition. Pre-order copies should be en route to readers shortly.


  1. Great news. Look forward to it having pre-ordered ages ago and others have been pestering me about it since ... just like I pestered Mark awhile ago! Anything involving Mark, the late Ron Weighell, David Tibet and Reggie Oliver is sure to be superb.

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  3. I just had an email reply from Zagava saying that only the paperback was out a month ago and the hardcover is only shipping now.