Friday, March 3, 2023

A New Issue of Biblio-Curiosa

A new issue (no. 11) of Chris Mikul's zine Biblio-Curiosa is just out, and as always it's got a particularly interesting range of topics.  First up is an essay on the 1937 novel Satan's Drŏme by William Reeves, followed by a short account of a recent reprint of June-Alison Gibbon's novel The Pepsi-Cola Addict (1982). The two longest articles in the issue cover the eclectic Czech philosopher, Ladislav Klima, and the novel Fugitive Anne (1902) by Mrs. Campbell Praed. The two other books discussed are Remembrances of a Religio-Maniac (1912) by D. Davidson, and The Flaw in the Sapphire (1909) by Charles M. Snyder. 

As usual, inquiries/orders to the author/publisher: chris<dot>mikul88<at>gmail<dot>com.

The novel Satan's Drŏme sounds especially delightful. The story takes place around a hell-ish (literally) Hill of Misfortune in Serbia, referred to as Satan's Drŏme-- drŏme, with the unusual breve accent, appears to be related to Greek dromos, a running course or race course, and thus the Hill of Misfortune is itself Satan's Drŏme. 

In the dust-wrapper illustration, the body of a long dead monk, occasionally possessed by Satan, is found in a lost monastery. 

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  1. Chris always seems to unearth books and writers I've never heard of. Never a dull page in his magazines!