Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Machen Misplaced - A Guest Post by John Howard

I have found by long experience that the works of Arthur Machen are very rarely to be found ‘in the wild’ – that is, on the shelves of second-hand bookshops. In a perfect world most would be found on the fiction shelves, with a few titles being placed elsewhere, under categories such as biography or ‘belles-lettres’. 

Perhaps they are lurking instead in unexpected shelves. Of course, books can be misplaced and shelved under a category that it would not normally occur to the seeker to look through. To assist the collector, I offer a few suggestions of places to look for Arthur Machen titles: 

Art, crafts

Ornaments in Jade

Classics, mythology

The Great God Pan

Ecclesiastical history, history

Black Crusade

Holy Terrors



The Shining Pyramid


The House of the Hidden Light


Bridles and Spurs

Food, cookery

The Canning Wonder

Interior design, architecture

The Cosy Room

The House of Souls

Inventions, technology

The Canning Wonder


The Great Return


A Fragment of Life

Medicine, health and beauty

Precious Balms

Dr Stiggins


Far Off Things

Things Near and Far

Pets, zoology

Dog and Duck

Sports – archery

The Bowmen

Sports – golf

The Green Round

Sports - swimming

The Children of the Pool


The Angels of Mons

The House of Souls

Topology, walking

The Hill of Dreams



  1. I laughed out loud. It's pouring with rain here in Devon, but this brightened my morning.

  2. Barely controlled giggling here in Ithaca, NY. Thank you, John, for this delightful list.