Sunday, September 17, 2023

E.R. Eddison at His Day Job

E.R. Eddison's day job was as a civil servant, but few sources say anything about what specifically he did. His obituary in The Times, notes that he entered the Board of Trade in 1906: "He was private secretary to successive Presidents of the Board from 1915 to 1919, and in 1923 was the secretary to the Imperial Economic Conference. The distinction of his service was recognized by the C.M.G. in 1924 and the C.B. in 1929. When he retired in 1938 to devote his whole time to literature, he had for eight years been Deputy Comptroller-General in the Department of Overseas Trade" (24 August 1945). 

Here is one account of his involvement on one Board of Trade issue. This report comes from The Chemical Age, 10 September 1921, p. 317. 

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