Thursday, December 20, 2012


The new issue of the Arthur Machen journal, Faunus, has just been issued to members of the Friends of Arthur Machen. Issue 26 of the hardback journal  includes Thomas Kent Miller's comprehensive survey of the meanings of Machen's enigmatic story 'N'; John Howard's explorations of a key Machen motif, geographical and spiritual boundaries; Godfrey Brangham's recollections of browsing for Machen in obscure bookshops; and an unpublished essay on Machen by the Nineties authority Derek Stanford. There's also an essay on a vituperative feud against Machen by the Edwardian journal The New Age, together with a previously undiscovered portrait of Machen in the futurist style. Accompanying Faunus, Gwil Games' Machenalia newsletter has the usual cornucopia of Machenesque news and announcements, including details of events planned to mark his 150th anniversary next year. To join the Friends of Arthur Machen and receive the journal and newsletter, please visit the Friends of Arthur Machen website.

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  1. Dear Friends,
    I was wondering if you might allow us to publicise the fact that we have republished Far Off Things - The first volume of Arthur Machen's autobiography in a scholarly, high quality edition in a limited run of 250 copies. As soon as we return enough from the sale of these books, we will print 250 copies of The London Adventure, in the same format. Followed by Things Near and Far, finishing the set. We know that the books are 'out of order' 1,3,2 but we thought the publicity from The London Adventure would help us secure enough cash to secure the third.
    We have put out own money into this and will return no profit. We just love Machen's work and want to see him in print at a reasonable price.
    We hope it's ok to 'advertise' here. If it isn't please delete our post and accept our apologies.

    For and on behalf of 'The Three Impostors'