Monday, December 10, 2012

VALANCOURT - 20th Century Classics

Valancourt Books have announced a new series of 20th Century Classics, which includes quite a few reprints of rare ghostly, supernatural or fantastic novels. Titles lined up include I Am Jonathan Scrivener by Claude Houghton, introduced by Michael Dirda; a range of volumes by John Blackburn; The Witch and the Priest by Hilda Lewis; The Hand of Kornelius Voyt by Oliver Onions; He Arrived At Dusk by R.C. Ashby; and Flower Phantoms by Ronald Fraser. The books will all be reset and have new introductions.  The list looks like it will prove a good opportunity to read some fine, hard-to-find, but neglected work, and I'm pleased to be involved with introductions for some of them.


  1. I'm glad to see that HE ARRIVED AT DUSK will be reissued. But it's not a genuine ghost story. The supernatural content is rationalized. It's a fantastic detective novel all the same. I will defintley be purchasing some of the other titles. Most of my Gothic library is made up of Valancourt reissues. They do very fine work.

  2. thanks for the news. As a Ghost Stories lover. I'm sharing my own. My house is built over some type of buried people kinda in a river bed and i hear bumping im my house alot. I think they r nice it think. i leave things for them to move and they do... i think we are living in peace... im home alon alot and we live in harmony :) sometimes i hear things thumping up and down the stairs... its SO COOL! :D