Monday, September 16, 2019

A Wild Tumultory Library

A Wild Tumultory Library
, just published by Tartarus Press, offers the following:

Three essays on figures of the Eighteen Nineties

Three essays on aspects of the Himalayas

Three essays on writers of peculiar thrillers

Three essays on writers of the haunted Forties

Three essays on forms of fortune-telling

Three notes on dandies of the Thirties

Three notes on forgotten avant-gardistes

Three essays on M R Jamesian themes

Three essays on other supernatural fiction

Three notes on associates of Arthur Machen

Three essays on aspects of the mystical in Britain

and Through the Three Choir Shires, on a book-collecting holiday

among other matters



  1. This looks like a fascinating book! I wish I could afford the well-worth-it hardback edition. I hope Tartarus Press is sustainably healthy for years to come - what they and presses like Pegana are doing is a very worthwhile endeavor. I'm not an e-book reader, but I'll have to make an exception and download this very interesting book!

  2. Another not-to-be-resisted volume from Mark and Tartarus.

    1. You're very right - I checked out his other books - they are 100% catnip for cats who like Wormwoodiana and the blogroll to the right. I wish I were a wealthy philanthropist and book collector who could sit in an overstuffed chair all night before a roaring fireplace in a fez and smoking jacket and read from a stack of his books (and books from the authors he writes about.)