Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Coven, a new journal

Coven Poetry is a new free online literature and art journal edited by E.P Jenkinsthat seeks to give space to the innovative and experimental with a particular interest in work that is ecologically aware, that explores process as ritual, and mythology, and crafts.’

The first issue includes four images by me in my series of found art from old books: Gypsy Queen Dream Book; Secret Egypt; The White Knights; and Brood 2.

Other contributions explore witchcraft, tarot, paganism, grimoires, zombies, moon worship, Egyptian deities, spells and incantations and much more in a rich alchemical melding of ancient magic with modernist and avant-garde style.

If Austin Osman Spare, William Burroughs, Mary Butts and Kathy Acker got together for a séance, the transcript could well look like this.  

(Mark Valentine)

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