Friday, July 11, 2014

Crimson Altar Press: A Checklist

Crimson Altar Press: A Checklist

(Crimson Altar Press is the Liverpool small press of Jeffrey Dempsey. With thanks to David Cowperthwaite for assistance in compiling the checklist).

The Bells Beneath the House by John Gale. [A narrative poem]. A4 booklet, mimeo. 1982.

Darkness Comes edited by Jeff Dempsey. [An anthology]. A4 booklet, mimeo. 1983.

When Shadows Creep edited by Jeff Dempsey. [An anthology]. A4 booklet, mimeo. 1984.

Hearts of Darkness edited by Nic [John] Howard. [A poetry anthology]. A5 booklet, mimeo. Editor’s Note by Nic [John] Howard. Artwork by C.P. Langeveld. 1984.

The Angry Dead by Mary Ann Allen. [Ten stories of Jane Bradshawe, church restorer and psychic investigator]. Introduction by Rosemary Pardoe. Artwork by Colin P. Langeveld. A5 booklet. Card covers. 1986.

14 Bellchamber Tower by Mark Valentine. [Three stories of Ralph Tyler, occult detective]. Front cover and contents page artwork by Dallas C. Goffin. Other artwork by Stella Hender. A5 booklet. Card covers. 1987.

The Living & the Dead by David G. Rowlands. [Six stories and a fragment about Mr Batchel, clergyman and sleuth of the supernatural]. Preface by David G. Rowlands. Afterword by Mary Ann Allen. Front cover and interior artwork by Alan Hunter. Back cover artwork by Nick Gadsby. A5 booklet. Card covers. 1991.

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