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House of Moonlight: A Checklist by John Howard

House of Moonlight: A Checklist by John Howard

"I founded House of Moonlight one Saturday morning in May 1981. At least that’s how I remember it. (To begin with, House of Moonlight was called House of Moonlight Press, but the “Press” has long since vanished along the way.) I named House of Moonlight after what was, and still is, one of my favourite stories: the novella “The House of Moonlight” by the American writer August Derleth. I had started reading many small-press poetry magazines and collections, and decided that I could have a go as well. I also needed a logo. I knocked one out myself. It looked like it. Later, the noted horror artist Dave Carson produced a vastly superior one, which has symbolised House of Moonlight’s identity ever since"


The Farthest Edges Of Day. 13 poems by Nic (John) Howard, 1981
Other Places, Other Times. 14 poems by John Francis Haines, 1981
Recollections Before Dawn. Anthology of 13 poems edited by Nic (John) Howard, 1981
Shadows On The Land. Anthology of 11 poems edited by Nic (John) Howard, 1981
Vision To The Dark. An Adventure. Long poem by Nic (John) Howard, 1986
Sister Wisdom: The Women Tell Their Stories. Series of 12 poems by Nic (John) Howard, 1987
Vision Of The City: A Transfiguration. 3 long poems by Nic (John) Howard, 1987

House of Moonlight Poetry Leaflets

1 Blueprint For A Personality by John Howard, 1989
2 Blueprints: Relationship Metaphors by John Howard, 1989
3 Spacewain by John Francis Haines, 1989
4 A Friend In Need by Steve Sneyd, 1989
5 Dreaming America by John Howard, 1989
6 Shards Of A Shatterproof Life by R S Phillips, 1989
7 Bitch Love by Jo Delfgou, 1989
8 Running For Cover by Paul Inman, 1990
9 Winter Love by John Howard, 1990
10 It Is Cold In The High Mosses by Steve Sneyd, 1990
11 Cities Of Wails by Geoff Stevens, 1992
12 After The Android Wars by John Francis Haines, 1992
13 Home By The Sea by William H Conklin, 1992
14 Winter Ghost by William H Conklin, 1992
15 Leaves Of An Autumn Past by Linda da Silva, 1993
16 “And Be A Part Of Night Itself...” by Martin Randall, 1993

Other Publications

Published by Skate Press (Chuck Connor) as being in association with House of Moonlight Press:
On The Hill: An Autumn Drama Long dramatic poem by Nic (John) Howard, 1981
Resurrection Seasons The above, with the addition of two more long dramatic poems by Nic (John) Howard, 1984

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