Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Star Maker Fragments

Star Maker Fragments by Taylor Brook is a new release on 3 March from TAK Ensemble, a contemporary chamber music group from New York. The album is inspired by Olaf Stapledon’s far-reaching cosmic visionary novel Star Maker (1937), and responds to specific episodes in the book in seven passages and a postlude, with recitations from the text. 

The music beautifully conveys the utter othernesss of the author’s imaginings through the unearthly winding timbres of flute, clarinet, voice, violin, percussion and electronics. Sometimes the work is slow and contemplative, at other times brusque and brooding.There is the probable influence of Stockhausen and Penderecki. The effect on the listener is to deepen thought and induce speculation and wonder. It is a strange, compelling journey. 

The album is available as a CD in a limited edition of just 55 copies or as a download. 

(Mark Valentine)

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