Friday, February 26, 2021

The Centenary of Cabell's FIGURES OF EARTH

On this day, February 26th, one hundred years ago, James Branch Cabell's fantasy novel Figures of Earth was published. Here's a sample of cover illustrations over the years. The dust-wrapper of the first edition is rather drab.

 But the dust-wrapper of the 1922 first British edition is more intriguing.

Here is the first illustrated edition (UK 1925).

And here is the Ballantine mass market edition of 1969.

The 1971 UK mass market edition.

The 1979 Ballantine mass market edition.

And finally the 1983 UK Unicorn paperback.

Some of these images come from The Silver Stallion: The James Branch Cabell Website.


  1. What a wonderful reminder and acknowledgment! First read the Ballantine paperback when it was released and have return to the saga of Dom Manuel and his descendents many times. Jurgen," "The High Place" and "The Cream of the Jest" are personal favorites, but all of the series are to be savored like a fine brandy or cigar.

  2. Doug,
    I'm glad you added that last sentence. I know your library must be extensive, but to imagine it with multiple editions of its major books excites envy and awe.--md

    1. For certain authors that might be true, but the Silver Stallion website has everything there to pluck from, and it's such a great site that I like promoting it!

  3. Thank you for reminding me about this - hadn't looked at it in ages but felt immediately moved to take it off the shelf. I've got the 1925 edition, only slightly battered by time - and what wonderful illustrations it contains!

  4. Those Pape illustrations are delightful.